Wire iOS Update: Brave & Snowhaze Support

Wire Brave Snowhaze

Recently I wrote a full review of Wire Secure Messenger. One of my complaints in the article was the lack of support for integrated browsers other than Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I am happy to report that based (at least in part) on that article Wire now offers support for both Brave and Snowhaze.

Wire Brave Snowhaze

What This Means

Brave and Snowhaze are my two recommended browsers for iOS devices. Both offer excellent privacy and security options, especially when compared with Chrome and Safari. Chrome is a Google collection platform and Safari is not a security-focused browser and shares information with Apple. Firefox is my unequivocal recommendation for desktop, but it does not offer the same security functionality on mobile devices. Brave and Snowhaze were both designed from the ground up with privacy and security in mind. Both offer the ability to block scripts, ads, and fingerprinting. Both give the user excellent control over how history is stored.

On iOS devices, users have no control over the default browser. However, Apple does allow developers to set default browsers to work with their applications. This means that when I click a link in Wire, I can now choose to have it open in a more secure environment.

Setting It Up

Implementing this feature is very easy. First, open Wire. If you are in a conversation, back out of it. Tap on your avatar in the upper-left of the screen. At the bottom of the next screen tap “Settings”.  In the Settings menu tap “Options”.

Wire Brave Snowhaze

In the Options menu scroll down to “Open With”. Tapping this setting will allow you to choose the browser you would like to use as your default for opening links from Wire. Important note: Brave and Snowhaze will only appear as options if you have them installed! Select the browser of your choice. The first time you open a link from this browser you will be prompted by Wire to allow this action. This will not happen when you open successive links.

Wire Brave Snowhaze


I really appreciate companies that are willing to listen to user feedback. Wire certainly doesn’t have to respond to this sort of thing, and many companies don’t. I also appreciate cooperation between the three companies that support security, privacy, and open-source software. These are companies that should get your business and support, and this is the type of cooperation that will improve the security community generally.

11 thoughts on “Wire iOS Update: Brave & Snowhaze Support”

  1. It’s worth noting that Brave currently leaks ip via WebRTC, so it may not be the best choice. (Unless on iOS 12, which appears to stop leakage.)

    1. It’s definitely worth noting if true. I tried to replicate this on both IPLeak.net and privacytools.io/webrtc.htm and couldn’t. Do you have anything further?

    2. I believe that only happens on the desktop versions. The only reason I don’t use brave on the desktop is because of that leak.

      1. Jim, I recommend you test this for yourself. On iOS my IP leaked through WebRTC, but I am unable to replicate on desktop.

        1. I liked Brave. I was using it for quite a while and recommending it to others, but the WebRTC leak was a deal-breaker. Not just that it existed (bugs can happen anywhere and the problem actually came from Apple and affected multiple browsers), but that this was reported to Brave engineers LAST YEAR, complained about by multiple people on the Brave forums and GitHub, and that while other browsers rushed out a patch, Brave didn’t. They treated what should have been a critical bug with the same severity as an aesthetic request.

          Brendan Eich needs to get control of his engineering team. For a browser that markets on security, it was ludicrous beyond measure that they let this bug linger for 6-8 months. That’s why I switched back to SnowHaze.

  2. Thanks for this! What is your opinion of using on Snowhaze’s relatively new built in VPN option instead of PIA and search engine option instead of Duck Duck Go?

    Also are you familiar with Duck Duck Go browser app and any opinion or comments there?

    Thank you, Justin!

    1. It’s not my preferred option for iOS. It doesn’t give quite the same benefits on mobile that it does on desktop.

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