Using Amazon Anonymously

Amazon Anonymously

It is hard to function in the world without an account. From books to streaming video to locks to…whatever your heart desires, you can probably find it on Amazon. And all with blazing fast delivery and single, friendly, trusted interface. I use Amazon more than I’d like to admit, but doing so privately requires some planning. This post will discuss how to use Amazon anonymously.

Using Amazon Anonymously

Amazon knows a lot about you. They know the books you like to read, the movies and TV shows you watch, and the stuff you buy. They know the stuff you’re interested in for a potential future purchase. They know how much you read on your Kindle, and how fast and how far into each book you read. If your hobbies require very specialized equipment (competition holsters, fly-tying gear, or knitting needles, for instance) Amazon probably knows what you’re into. Based on the peripherals you buy, they know what phone, computer, printer, and other electronics you own. All of this is bad enough. Compounding the problem, Amazon can also correlate all of this information with some other critical data points: your full name, home address, and IP address.

Amazon Securely

Before we discuss anonymity, it is important to discuss account security. Regardless of whether you choose to use Amazon anonymously or not, your account should be as secure as possible. Anyone gaining access to your account will have access to all of the information listed in the previous paragraph. The following are my guidelines for protecting these accounts from breach:

  • Username: Your username should be your first line of defense. Your Amazon account username must be an email address. I use a different Blur address for each account. If you decide that you are sticking with the same Amazon account, Amazon will allow you to change your username.
  • Passwords: Amazon allows you to use passwords as long as…

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