Physical Perimeter Security Tools

I recently appeared on the American Warrior Show to speak about physical security with host Mike Seeklander. In the show I promised to post a list of links to some of the tools I talked about, so here it is! I will keep adding to this list and push it to the top as it is updated.

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Deterrent Security Measures – These are the security measures that will make someone think twice about entering your home.

  • Alarm Signs – Whether you have an alarm or not, you should advertise your alarm system with yard signs and window stickers. This is an easy and inexpensive security system upgrade with this SecurePro sign/sticker pack.
  • Programmable Lamp TimerThese lamp timers will let you create a 7-day cycle. You can also use these to turn a radio on and off inside your home.
  • TV Simulator – The “TV simulator” makes it look like the TV is on inside your home. It is much more energy efficient than a TV, however, and you can set it up on a lamp timerĀ  (something that is hard to do with modern smart TVs).
  • RAB Stealth Motion Lights – the best motion lights money can buy. I’ve put these on two homes and can’t recommend them highly enough. The come in a “bullet” style and a bell-style.

Physical Security

Delaying Security Measures – These are the security measures that will make someone think twice about entering your home.

Detective Security Measures – These tools let you know if someone is attempting to gain entry to or has been in your property.

  • Ring Doorbell – This doorbell has a built in camera. When someone rings the doorbell you are alerted via a smartphone app. You can see the person at the door and communicate with them through the device. This can allow you to give the appearance that you are home, even if you are hundreds of miles away. I have no personal experience with this tool, but it comes highly recommended.
  • SimpliSafe Home Alarm systems – These wireless, DIY-installing alarm systems aren’t perfect, but they’re probably good enough unless you’re worried about extremely sophisticated adversaries. You can also add on a wide array of sensors as your needs dictate, including additional point sensors, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and fire alarms. Th
  • Liberty Safe SafeAlarm – Connects to your Wi-Fi and alerts you to changes in the state of your safe, including movement, opening, humidity, and heat. You can monitor it from your iPhone or Android device.

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