Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E031

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E031: Just 30 Quick Things…


This week we try to clear out our inbox of your listener questions, complaints, and ideas.

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(JC) Could you recommend some calendar services, and are any of them fully encrypted?

(MB) I am hearing a lot about, can you explain how this would be used as part of a privacy strategy?

(JC) Have you ever considered the US Passport card for domestic identification since it lacks a postal address and is smaller than the standard passport?

(MB) If you have an older Android phone would you believe it is better to keep on Android Lollipop with more recent security updates or flash an upgrade to Marshmallow which is not supported for security updates by the carrier?

(JC) For Protonmail, when you sign up for a paid account with the 5 aliases. Do they have separate mailboxes or are the alises just like Blur addresses and all forward to the same mailbox?

(MB) If you have more than one email address is it better to use a paid Blur account which allows forwarding to multiple addresses or a separate Blur free account for each address?

(JC) Is there anything bad about using your own credit card to purchase an unlocked phone and use a prepaid sim bought with cash?

(MB) You two seem to be big fans of Fastmail even though it is not end to end encrypted or zero knowledge. Is this because you are not using the online storage aspect and poping it locally?

(JC) Are you a user of ApplePay or AndroidPay or similar services? Can Apple or Google keep a log of your purchases made this way?

(MB) Would you suggest tagging other names to photos of yourself or yourself to other people in Facebook for disinformation purposes in order to confuse applications?

(JC) What is the exact reasoning as to why you don’t want your phone receiving signals?(Are we avoiding our cell phone carrier from knowing where we live, or do we just want complete control of the signals reaching our phone?)

(MB) Is there a reason to use Keepass over Password Safe or vice versa (Password Safe was mentioned in your Windows 7 book)?

(JC) What strategy would you employ to maintain privacy for the registration of a student in college?

(MB) Before I knew better, I set up my computer without a dedicated admin account (one user has all admin privileges). Is there a way to reverse this set up?

(JC) Due to the OPM breach, have you heard of anyone that has been able to gain a new Social Security number as a result of their data being involved in the incident? It seems like this would be a wise precaution that I would like to pursue, just wondering if anyone else has tried already.

(MB) I hear you mention many browsers, but I have not heard you mention Opera. Why no love for Opera?

(JC) A new USPS service lets you to sign up for a mail cover on yourself. This should make it easier for you to detect mail theft, but, if info gets hacked, or someone signs up using your identity, etc., they can see where you bank, which doctor is sending you bills, etc. Is it worth it?

(MB) How do you guys go about renting cars and staying private?

(JC) How can I keep my Wireless Router off of sites like

(MB) I signed up for ProtonMail Plus using a burner card on I really wanted to use my Vanilla Visa but their system didn’t accept that card type. Do you think is a secure enough payment method for services like this? Should I use to pay for my VPN?

(JC) In the Android vs iOS podcast, during the Q & A section, Michael mentioned using a media center to connect to his TV. Which one does he use?

(MB) Can you use a masked credit card, using blur/, and Apple Pay. My thought is to plug that masked number into Apple Pay and alleviate the need to withdraw a large amount of cash for large, cash purchases

(JC) Why would you use Google voice over a Sudo number? If I use Google Voice on my idevice, doesn’t that leave me vulnerable to Google collecting more data from me? Is there anyway Google can start harvesting data from my device just by opening the Voice product?

(MB) I am currently using a friendly name for my ProtonMail address. Do you recommend using an unrecognizable string as the main account address and adding more realistic names for your other addresses? Is there a hypothetical email structure you would recommend?

(JC) I’m changing my auto insurance in my real name to one that’s significantly cheaper and using my CMRA as the address for it, that is not an issue. However, I wanted to add renters insurance and realized that if I add it with the CMRA listed as the address, I may not be able to file a claim for my real physical address. Do you guys have any suggestions?

(MB) Is there a place for an old-fashioned pager in the life of a privacy enthusiast?

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