Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058: New to Privacy? Start Here!

Privacy is a huge topic and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This week Drew and I sit down to discuss how to overcome analysis paralysis and develop a plan to reclaim your right to privacy.

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Follow-up on our Wi-Fi episode
Article about Wi-Fi probing
System76 Linux Laptops


Understanding the threats to your privacy
The concept of compartmentalization
Defining your privacy priorities and privacy non-negotiables
Managing social media in your privacy strategy
Twelve steps you should take now if you still have no idea where to start

Thirty-Day Security Challenge

DEFENSE: Discussed on the show!

1. Why does Justin have concerns about using Authy for desktop?
2. Would it make sense to put my KeePass database on a Ironkey USB, and if so should I use an additional layer of encryption?

The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference Vol. I

The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference Vol. II

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2 thoughts on “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058”

  1. Hello CP&S gurus!
    Quick question about credit freeze. What is your opinion about the need to freeze Innovis? (assuming one has already frozen Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).
    Is it needed?
    I see the following pros and cons:
    It is one more layer of protection in case an obscure criminal tries to open a credit card in an obscure bank that happens to use Innovis
    To freeze Innovis, I need to provide my personal information to them online. This sounds scary because (1) I do not know what they [Innovis] know about me – what if I provide them info that they did not have? Then, I just volunteered more of my info for their database. (2) Is it secure to transmit such info online – I do not know what kind of security they use. (3) Is the info they provide to others about me be used to open a new line of credit? If not, why bother…

    Super excited to hear your thoughts!! Thank you for all you do.

    1. I would absolutely freeze this info with Innovis as it is very likely have access to everything anyway. They are probably asking for it to prove identity. It probably won’t be used to open a new line of credit, but this information is bought and sold freely.
      Thanks for your support!

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