Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E048

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E048: Privacy Nomads with Jesse & Cameron

This week we bring Jessse & Cameron back to discuss their radical new privacy strategy.

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Episode 50 almost here.

Jesse and Cameron become nomads.

1. In the books you both mention identity theft police reports and that most people have probably had something stolen at some point. How does one prove this when filing a police report? How cooperative are the police when making a report when you are somewhat trying to create a situation to cause a report to be necessary for purposes of making opting out easier?

2. What best practices can you share regarding inviting regular humans to your home? We can put significant effort into never associating our home address with our name, but if you invite someone over and give them your home address, and they save it as a contact on their phone, your secret lair is compromised. Do you just never invite anyone over, who isn’t like-minded?

Offense: Pipl API
Defense: Removal options

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