Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E037

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E037: The Forensic Evidence On Our Phones

This week, Josh Huff stops in to talk about the data left behind on our phones.

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KeePassXC 2.22 Released

Josh Huff:

1. Suppose you already own a phone which you bought on your own bank card and you have postpaid SIM service in your own name and have registered it to a Google Account or Apple ID in your own name already.  Is there any advantage to reformatting the phone, registering a new Google or Apple ID to it and switching to a cash prepaid plan with a new sim card?  Obviously a totally new phone and new accounts, etc… would be better but is there any benefit to parts of that until a new phone can be bought?
2. I recently bought a new burner Android phone through eBay, and the phone is supplied by a Chinese seller and paid via PayPal through my real CC.  The phone is brand-less and it’s one of those typical Chinese products that are manufactured by the millions in Chinese sweatshops. What’s you take on this?  Am I assuming that tracking to me is much more difficult than what really is?


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