Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E007

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast Episode 007: Email Strategies

Our seventh episode of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast is now available. In this episode, we discuss our recommended Email strategies for Privacy & Security.

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6 thoughts on “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E007”

  1. I’m a little more than halfway through this podcast, and I’m a little surprised you guys haven’t mentioned the other way to do aliases in Protonmail. Like Gmail, you can use the + in your email address to create as many aliases as you want. So, for example, if one of my Protonmail aliases is, then you could make as an alias on the fly, and any emails sent to that alias will go to the garfield account. Any replies to the sender would come from the alias.

    I have found this useful on websites that force an email address as your username, so you can tie all of your accounts to a handful of aliases, yet use a unique username on each account.

    You also state that you can make infinite aliases for a custom domain, but the documentation says it a little differently. You can have as many as you want, but any enabled ones count towards your overall alias limit, thus there is a cap to usable aliases within an account. Have you found this to be true, or is it truly infinite aliases for a custom domain?

    Excellent work, as always!

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for the heads up adding “+____” to Protonmail addresses. I wasn’t even aware of that until yesterday when someone else pointed it out to me. We will get that out in the next episode!
      I will look into the custom domain issue – it is entirely possible I am wrong about that. If so I will also correct that in the next episode.
      Thanks so much for listening, writing in, and keeping me on my toes!


      Edited to add: Dave, you are absolutely correct about custom domain addresses – they DO COUNT toward your overall address limit. I was mistaken and I will clear this up in Episode 009.

    2. An update to the thing. I’m finding that a lot of sites won’t allow a + in your email address (2 out of 3 I’ve tried so far). Thankfully these sites so far don’t use my email address as my log-in name, but your individual mileage may vary.

      1. I’ve run into the same issue quite a lot with Gmail “+” modifiers. Unfortunately some sites dont’ see it as a valid email address.

  2. Hi there,

    Unfortunately information in podcast not quite correct. This is response from ProtonMail support:

    Thank you for your message. The limit is 5 addresses total, not mather if they are or custom domain addresses.

    1. Mike,
      You are correct – I was completely wrong about this. I addressed this in an earlier comment, and we just recorded Episode #9 where I cleared this up.. I apologize for the confusion!

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