Complete Privacy and Security with Michael Bazzell

I am proud to announce that I am currently co-writing a book with well-known author and privacy expert Michael Bazzell.  Michael is the author of several privacy- and security-related works including Hiding from the Internet and Personal Digital Security: Protecting Yourself from Online Crime, as well as the immensely popular Open Source Intelligence Techniques.  The idea for this project has been a long time coming and we are well underway with the process.


The working title is currently The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference.  This 600+ page work is intended to a be an all-inclusive privacy and security resource for law enforcement, special operations and intelligence personnel, victims of identity theft and domestic violence, and those with an avid interest in privacy and security.  The book will draw from our collective experiences and previous writings and will contain a myriad of new material and techniques.  Our intent is to provide the reader with a book that will 

“explain how to be digitally invisible. You will make your communications private, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, and home address hidden. You will remove all personal details from public view and will reclaim your right to privacy. You will no longer give away your intimate details and you will remove yourself from the system. When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.”

The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference is due for release in January 2016.  An accompanying five-day live training course with Justin Carroll and Michael Bazzell will also be available beginning in 2016.


2 thoughts on “Complete Privacy and Security with Michael Bazzell”

  1. Hi Justin,

    I am thinking about purchasing all three of Michael’s books as I am interested in the subject. Further, do you recommend I hold out for the desk reference? Does it include information from michaels past books? Further, do you think it will be a better collection of material as a huge collection?

    Also, do you have an MSRP on the book, as well as a confirmed release date?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Arsh Shah

    1. Arsh Shah:

      All three of Michael’s books are very different from each other and the desk reference will be very different still.

      We cannot confirm a solid release date or MSRP just yet, but it will be out sometime in early 2016.

      Thanks for your interest!

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