3DSC Day 30: Recruit Others

Today is the final day of the Thirty-Day Security Challenge!  To round out the Challenge I am going to issue another on-going task: recruit others to use encryption and increase their security.  Some of you have probably been doing doing this throughout.  There are plenty of good reasons to recruit others.

  1. Increase your own security.  A majority of your messaging probably occurs with just few other people.  These people are your “inner circle”.  They are your closest friends and family members.  Convincing these people in your life to use Signal, Wickr, and ProtonMail means most of your communications are now secure.  These are also the people you probably have the most access to.
  2. Make security more common.  Increasing the number of people using encryption makes encryption more common.  Making it more common makes it more approachable to the layman.  More encrypted traffic also makes encryption by itself less suspicious.  If enough people use security tools it can also create herd immunity.  For example, assume you regularly share files with a group of friends and family members.  Keeping their computers secure helps your computer stay secure.  If their computers are malware free you have just lowered your own exposure.
  3. Increase your own knowledge.  There is no better way to solidify something learned than to teach it to someone else.  In doing so you will also probably encounter some problems but don’t let that scare you off.  Problems are excellent opportunities to troubleshoot and learn even more.

How do I recruit others?  I recently wrote a blog post about how to convince others to use encryption.  Once you recruit othes, you will have to teach them.  If you need help going through mechanics, The Thirty-Day Security Challenge posts will still be here.  You can send them here to read them themselves, or use the Challenge posts as a guide to help them learn.  I should also point out that my books, Your Ultimate Security Guide: Windows 7 and Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS are intended for exactly this purpose.

Thank you to everyone who contributed comments, emailed me, and followed along!  I hope you enjoyd this and got something out of it.  I really enjoyed being able interact with you, and really appreciate your participation!

ProtonMail is now out of beta.  Waiting periods for accounts are no longer required.  Additionally, full-fledged iOS and Android apps are now available.  This should make it much easier to convince others to use this service.

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