3DSC: The Thirty-Day Security Challenge

Over the past several months I have fielded quite a few complaints. Some were from friends, some from strangers, and many from family.  All these complaints were about how “hard” security is.  One close friend in particular says he wants to be more secure but is daunted by its complexity, and he can’t decide where to start.  To address these complaints and make security seem more approachable to the average individual, I have devised what I like to call the Thirty-Day Security Challenge.  This one-month security challenge will attempt to break security down one day at a time.

Instead of explaining how to be more secure “all at once”, this series of posts will take a baby-step approach.  My goal is to make security seem manageable, rather  than a labyrinthine and time-consuming chore fit for only the most digitally intrepid and dedicated.  Beginning on March 1st I will post a daily security task.  These tasks will be somewhat simple, most of them will only take a few minutes of your time.  There will also be some weekend projects that might take, at most, an hour.  If the weekend projects take longer, the time will be non-participatory, like waiting for a program to run.

The security tasks presented during this one-month security challenge are multi-disciplinary. We will take a ground-up approach at securing your computer.  We will lock down your online accounts.  Your mobile device will be secured, and you will learn how to be safer online and defeat internet tracking. The only assumed knowledge going in is that you have a computer and that you are comfortable installing programs.  I will only ask you to spend money on one occasion and it is for a service that I feel is very important.

If you complete all the tasks posted here you will increase your digital security to an impressive level.  In fact, I don’t think I will be going out on too narrow a limb to suggest that your security will likely rival or exceed that of many in the security industry. I look forward to hearing feedback from you about how the challenge went for your, the problems you overcame, and the lessons you learned!

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