Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E060

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E060: Hardware Privacy & Security With System76

This week we sit down with Sri and Jeremy from System76 to discuss their line of computers, disabling Intel’s built-in “spyware”, and other privacy options to consider with Linux machines. Continue reading “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E060”

Book Review: A Kidnapping In Milan

A Kidnapping in Milan is a book that I’ve meant to read for a long time. I finally got around to it a couple of months ago. Readers of this blog would doubtlessly enjoy this work. It touches on several major themes that I talk about here and on the podcast. Make no mistake – this isn’t a technical manual, nor is it written from the viewpoint of a privacy advocate. This is the story of how some very focused investigators unraveled a mystery using modern (2004+) technology. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to read between the lines of A Kidnapping In Milan and pick out techniques to use as part of your own operational security. Continue reading “Book Review: A Kidnapping In Milan”

Physical Perimeter Security Tools

I recently appeared on the American Warrior Show to speak about physical security with host Mike Seeklander. In the show I promised to post a list of links to some of the tools I talked about, so here it is! I will keep adding to this list and push it to the top as it is updated. Continue reading “Physical Perimeter Security Tools”

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058: New to Privacy? Start Here!

Privacy is a huge topic and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This week Drew and I sit down to discuss how to overcome analysis paralysis and develop a plan to reclaim your right to privacy. Continue reading “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E058”

Privacy & Security Browser: Brave Review

In my quest for “backup options” to the security and privacy tools I use daily, I have recently rediscovered Brave. I tried it a few months back at a reader’s request. At the time I didn’t really give it the chance it deserved because Firefox met all my browsing needs and my attention was probably elsewhere. Recently, in the interim between the launch of Firefox 57 and the release of the new NoScript, I gave Brave a second chance. I’ve found there’s a lot to like about it, and it is officially my “backup browser.” This Brave review will explain its features and how to use it. Continue reading “Privacy & Security Browser: Brave Review”

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E057

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E057: Financial Privacy & Security with Joshua Sheats

This week Jesse and I sit down with Joshua Sheats of the Radical Personal Finance Podcast. We discuss financial privacy & security issues and why financial stability is imperative to maintaining your personal privacy. Continue reading “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E057”

The Search for a New iOS-Friendly VPN

As regular readers here know, I have used and advocated for Private Internet Access for quite some time. A couple of months ago my subscription was nearing its end, and I wanted to shop around a bit. While I don’t have a single complaint about PIA, I have recently come to the realization that I need to stay flexible in my choices. I don’t want to be scrambling for a replacement if the day comes that PIA is no longer trustworthy or no longer meets my needs. This is part of a larger push to have pre-selected alternatives to the apps and services that I rely on for privacy and security. With this in mind I headed to and began my search for an iOS-friendly VPN. Continue reading “The Search for a New iOS-Friendly VPN”