iOS 10 Cellular & Bluetooth Settings

In the last post in this series I discussed the Wi-Fi interface settings. Certainly no less important to privacy and security is the cellular interface. This is an iPhone’s primary interface and managing it effectively is extremely important. Fortunately the iOS 10 cellular settings grant granular control to what can use this interface and what cannot. This post will also address the Bluetooth nad Personal Hotspot settings in iOS. Continue reading “iOS 10 Cellular & Bluetooth Settings”

iOS 10 System Hardening

Previous posts in this series have focused on iOS 10 Touch ID and Passcodes. Passcodes are important for protecting the data-at-rest on a digital device. The next few posts are going to cover iOS 10 system hardening. The steps outlined here cover a number of potential vulnerabilities including defending data-at-rest, preventing malware execution, and controlling the device’s Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth interfaces.

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iOS 10 Touch ID

Touch ID allows you to use your fingerprint as an authentication factor for certain functions. By pressing your finger on the home button, your fingerprint is read and access to the appropriate function is granted. Touch ID is an interesting feature; it has allowed millions of people to conveniently protect their devices that might not have otherwise. It is not perfect, however.

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Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E013

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Episode 13: Blur CTO Andrew Sudbury

This week’s episode of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast is now available. This week, we sit down with co-founder and CTO of the online privacy company Abine (maker of Blur) to talk about privacy masking.

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iOS 10 Passcode Best Practices

In the last post in this series I discussed the various passcode options available on iOS 10 devices, and the specific merits of each. This post will focus on generalities. Regardless of which passcode option you choose, there are some passcode best practices that will reduce the likelihood your passcode will be discovered. Continue reading “iOS 10 Passcode Best Practices”

iOS 10 Passcodes Part 1: Passcode Types

iOS 10 passcodes are perhaps one of the most important considerations to the security of a data-at-rest on an iOS device. Apple has used very strong full-disk encryption on iOS devices since iOS 3 and the iPhone 3GS. This encryption is “non-configurable” by the end user, meaning it cannot be disabled, intentionally or unintentionally. However, to take advantage of this encryption you must passcode-protect the device. Continue reading “iOS 10 Passcodes Part 1: Passcode Types”