Suitcase Setup for Securing Firearms

I recently wrote a piece for the Lucky Gunner Lounge about air travel with firearms. It was a general article, mostly concerning the legalities of transporting firearms by air. In it I mentioned a couple different ways to secure your stuff: a big, locked case holding everything, or a small pistol case inside a regular suitcase. I use both methods, depending on where I’m traveling and what and how much stuff I’m bringing. Today I do want to go into detail about my secure suitcase setup for a smaller handgun case. Continue reading “Suitcase Setup for Securing Firearms”

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E015

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Episode 15: CEO Bo Jiang

This week’s episode of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast is now available. This week, we sit down with Bo Jiang, the CEO of Bo also sent us a little gift right after the interview:

Continue reading “Complete Privacy & Security Podcast E015”

Hotel Room Security Tip

I haven’t written about physical security in some time, but recently I was in a hotel in San Francisco and experienced a very small physical security issue. This is an issue that you have probably confronted at some point, unawares. Fortunately, it is easily correctable if you follow my one simple hotel room security tip: Continue reading “Hotel Room Security Tip”