Self Destructing Cookies for Firefox

If you have read any of my previous writing on internet browsers, you probably know I don’t like cookies.  Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.  Without cookies most of the internet services we love would be impossible.  This is great when you need a website to remember login credentials, the items in your cart, or the pages you’ve already visited.  Cookies have a downside, however.  They allow websites to track your browsing.  This tracking is not limited to the first-party site you visited.  Once you have a cookie from a site it can see the other sites you visit, as well.  It can also share this information, making your history and habits well known.  Sites like Facebook even track non-users.  I work to prevent this to the extent possible.  I recently discovered an add-on for Firefox that is my new favorite for deleting cookies.  It is called Self Destructing Cookies. Continue reading “Self Destructing Cookies for Firefox”